Everywhere teachers are preparing to introduce the cycles of life...well some of life: butterflies, frogs, birds and plants to their beginners. Seeds are planted in rich soil and bean seeds are taped to windows so seed development is visible. Every child learns that plants need water and sun to grow. 

Butterfly chrysalises will be found on milkweed or delivered by mail and set carefully in a cage where they will be carefully observed until one sunny spring day they will fly away.

And if the class is lucky enough to be near a pond, well then frog eggs can be scooped up and moved gently to a tank with lots of pond water. Spring peepers will hatch and grow and be ready to be released back into to the pond right at the end of school... this is a wonderful time of the year in every way. Children ready to stretch their wings all summer...

This e-packet can be found at TPT at the beginnerswork store... I think I covered everything you will need to observe, draw, paint beautiful pictures and make wonderful murals...


These portraits of moms are delightful.
Beginning with observation it is a three week process. 
A labor of LOVE: tracing, drawing, tracing, erasing and finally painting with real water colors on real watercolor paper (that much work deserves the right materials).
Once, I had five children from one family in sequence so their mom has pictures of how they saw when they were 5... they are hanging in her upstairs hall.
These children have been drawing all year and now they are ready.
They really capture MOM, the object of every five's love.

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