little blue and little yellow

When I was a student teacher, twenty five years ago, I did my student teaching in a wonderful kindergarten class. The teacher in charge (and my mentor) saw that I was the creative and adventurous type, so she encouraged me to design lessons. 

Little blue and little yellow had been a family favorite, so I bought clay and I did what has become a classic lesson in color mixing. As I read the story each child squished small balls of yellow and blue clay and by the end of this short and charming story about friendship the clay had become green (magic if you've never done it before.) The lesson was a success.

I had borrowed the book from the school library and I wanted to buy a copy to use in my teaching. We tried to find it, but at that time it was out of print! Hard to imagine but true.

At the end of the year I received this handmade 
and laminated copy from one of my students and his mom.

This was the first of many insightful gifts  and notes from parents of my students.

Parents should know that teachers value a personal note expressing their appreciation. 
I kept every one that was specific and personal.

Of course, if you are really lucky they might make you a book...

I used this wonderful book in class until the story was finally reissued in a paperback edition, then I put it safely away.  In case you've never read little blue and little yellow it's about two friends who hug so hard they turn green. Even their parents don't recognize them until...

Your beginner will be amazed when, after much squishing and pulling, the blue and yellow balls of clay turn into one green one just like little blue and little yellow. (Squishing clay is great for strengthening muscles in little hands.)

And then there's little red and little yellow! Could be a sequel...


  1. I love this book... I've used it for 30 years! I love this project and use it in our classroom every year! A sequel would be a great idea! Little Red and Little Yellow?

    1. Do it, have your kids create the sequel. I'll post it here...