Portraits are a wonderful way to learn about yourself or someone else. This is the first in a series of methods for portraits. It is a week long project that if completed in a mindful way will result in charming, frame-worthy art that parent's will treasure and children will be proud of.

Around the middle of September, there is a lot of talk among beginners about Halloween.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

What's Halloween?

I didn't know I could be something else...
I'm  just getting used to the self I already am! 

think that this self portrait project is a grounding activity that will help children secure their hold on reality before joining in on the coming celebration of fantasy, shape shifting and revelry, that almost everyone (especially me) thinks is fun.

Young beginners usually go along, but the can also be filled with trepidation, sometimes resulting in a meltdown on the big day.

Children have no time frame in mind, so this layered process will seem meditative and natural to them. What could please an early beginner more than an activity centered on them. The excitement will build as they construct and put together a picture of themselves.

These portraits were created by Pre-K over a week, but this method works for anyone at any age. I'm thinking of doing this with my family, they did great with the cat drawings! It is a visual language designed for this occasion, and can be easily understood by the artist and audience alike. 

This is a process, as well as a product, and your job is to help your beginners create portraits that expresses who they really are. The best portraits FEEL like the subject. In these portraits the beginner should be in control of the image. 

Of course, almost everyone will choose to be happy, but those who choose to frown or to be sad, validate the rest. Let them be true to themselves and they will learn the power of visual self expression. 

What could please beginners more than an activity centered on them? The excitement will build as they construct and put together a hard copy of their own growing awareness. 

It seems like a lot of work, but it's mostly planning, patience and above all paper clips! And so worth it....

Complete directions for this project can be found here @beginnerswork.com


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