Mazes are an important teaching tool, because they offer an opportunity to teach critical thinking and motor planning. Even young children can figure out how to complete a maze with the proper instruction. Here is a series of mini mazes from my first little lessons you can download for free at  TPT.

79 pages spiral bound or reproducible e-packet 

My first little lessons begins a series of lessons for children 3-6, that offer opportunities teach pre-reading and pre-writing as well as fine motor and cognitive skills. This book designed for Nursery, has been used in the classroom with great success. Establish a routine of one little lesson a day and your student will be on her way to mastering important early skills. Each lesson is repeated to reinforce the learning. Children take great pride in completing their lessons and when you work with each child you will be spending important quality time. This series is available as a spiral bound book at beginnerswork books as a spiral bound book or at TPT as a reproducible E-Packet.

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