Halloween is the perfect time to learn how to create a story, 
imagination and fun are in the air. 

Best of all, anything goes!

For creative folks, it is the best day of the year...
 I usually got to teach my class as my real self. 

It's the perfect time of the year to create a story to share with friends. 

Everyone loves a spooky story!

Beginners like to make up fantastic stories because there are no rules...they can't go wrong. These books were made by 4 year old beginners over the course of a week. Imagine what your kindergartener or second grader could do...

Process: fold some accordion books out of heavy weight drawing paper. Cut them to look like a haunted house...then follow the plan below by labeling the cover and four pages inside or up to seven if you use the back. Write the words first on each page, then illustrate each page. Older beginners can write a phrase or a sentence on each page. Write words in pencil so the words can be proof read and edited.

Get started with19 reproducible lessons from witches to haunted houses to spiders... Oh my!
Little lessons for everyone. Purchase this E-packet at  TPT 

Share your books with the class, trade books for reading practice, bring home books to share with siblings or create a wonderful Halloween Stories bulletin board.

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