I think that taking a class outside to experience the day is a wonderful thing. Imagine you have been avoiding the cold and wet weather. Cabin fever sets in. Why not embrace the weather, why not make it into art and writing. Increase your expressive verbal and visual vocabulary. Why not do this for every the  seasons, people will look forward to it! Record sounds and find a way to play them.  Make fabulous bulletin boards.

If your students' writing is illustrated by a spectacular cooperative mural, people will want to read their work.  Pictures and words will work together to fully communicate with your audience. This cooperative mural shows a class effort AND interesting individual expression. Murals are like a movie, a way for many people to appreciate an idea at the same time. Conversations take place and a group experience happens in front of a mural that doesn't happen elsewhere.

You can find my reproducible 4 Seasons E-Packet at TPT. There are 30 drawing lessons for all 4 seasons. Pass out the bird lessons and get started.

In DRAW! 4 Seasons there is a how to for creating a mural for every level Pre-K to 6. Try this activity in any season. 

To get started - go to TPT and find this free download - 


Then visit beginnerswork.com for lots of ways to use drawing to enhance learning in your classroom or home. Become ARTiculate!

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