I have saved things that are either useful, meaningful or much loved on the theory that a good book or toy is timeless and will be enjoyed by all children.  I had two wonderful boys who have become wonderful men so I hoped for wonderful grandchildren. My wish is coming true!

We've saved many favorite books such as The Monster at the End of this Book, Where the Wild Things Are,  One Fish Two Fish, Little Blue and Little Yellow and In the Forest. I was right, they are a hit with the current generation and later, there will be all of Harry Potter, Choose Your Own Adventure and Amphagory.

There are some stuffed animals and a Little Tikes Doll House with lots of people, a van and play yard equipment that has already become a favorite. In fact I found a few pieces on E-bay that had gone missing during the house's tenure at my school.

I even have Ginny dolls from my childhood sixty years ago that I'm sure my grand daughter will love.  I had boys so they have been tucked safely away in the attic for sixty years and are now impossible to find or at least beyond my budget. And then there's my ball collection and school room wooden blocks. All these toys and books have been well loved. They stay at our house and are more special because of it.

This highchair is 32 years old and was first used by my oldest son, then ten years later his brother. I lugged it around from pillar to post, through thick and thin, for thirty years and this week I glued all the pieces back together. That was such an ordeal that I neglected to take pictures. Just imagine a pile of sticks! and me swearing...

 Finally, I gave it two coats of beautiful green paint. 

Now, it fits perfectly in our dining room as if it was meant to be there.  

Well, it was...

 And here it is being used by my grand daughter.  It looks perfect in the dining room, as if we're expecting very young company! I'm sure it will be around for another thirty years! Her uncle made her raisin toast... and later she played with clay. 

My vision has been realized and I'm very satisfied.

Save the best stuff... everyone loves it even more 25 years later.

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