Consider friends with kindness, generousity and empathy... 
in a secret Valentine's Day portrait.
   A wonderful way to get to know someone better is to paint a portrait of them.

  • When they were ready they drew a picture of the subject in black poster paint on red construction paper. Let dry completely.
  • Next they added color to the portrait with oil crayons. (regular crayons are too timid for this project)
  • Then they chose words to describe their friend. This is always interesting because they have chosen a subject at random. It's a great time to discus what friendship means if the artist didn't get her best friend and to find the best in someone else.
  • Finally, hearts are added, these are made from painted paper.


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  1. I love this.. I don't think I ever saw it before :)... I just finished the Kings, queens, princes and princesses with the black outlines a la Karen. They came out great!