This is the perfect opportunity to teach your beginners about feelings, fantasy and transformations... 


Halloween provokes strong feelings in children. Masks are a terrific way to express feelings and at Halloween, anything goes!

 In a previous post, I showed you how to make these self-portraits, here are the Halloween masks that go with them. The portraits are hung up in the hall bulletin board, then the masks are push pinned over them with a sign that says GUESS WHO?

 I make a kit of their expressed fantasies for each child to cut and assemble so that we can work together on the project. I like to make each wish come as true as I can. I get to model the magic! It doesn't hurt to impress beginners, especially if they get in on the act. I believe that it's vital to model the planning and the realization of an idea for beginners. 
Share your expertise. 
A cooperative effort between teacher and student… demystifies the process of imagining and creating. 

The goldfish shown above was, for me, the most difficult mask I've made in eighteen years, but of course, it was the most magical for the complex little beginner I made it for. If  you choose to accept this mission, begin with easy masks, like the lady bug, the ghost, the cat or the princess... or make all monsters! But they must be intentional monsters, not random since these relate to the self portrait underneath. 

Some teachers who have worked with me over the years, were hesitant to do this project, but by the second year they were into it and discovered they had hidden talent.  
Now they "stay calm and create!" It's all about visualizing and planning. more...

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