DRAW! by Karen Smullen

Artists begin with the basic shapes they see in their subject, then refine the drawing until they are satisfied with the style and level of detail. 

In DRAW! geometric shapes provide easily understood basic information that allows the artist's personality to reveal itself. 

The meaning is clear the rest becomes art.

This book is a beginning for the visual learner in all of us.

DRAW! is filled with over 200 simple reproducible lessons based on simple geometric shapes that result in beautiful drawings filled with personality. (see COOL CATS below) 

DRAW! supports many areas of curriculum 
as well as creative visualization. Copy a whole unit such as "The Pilgrims" or Plant life cycle then create a packet to support your students' writing activities with ARTiculate illustrations. Teachers will learn drawing for the Smart board...
Perfect for visual learners and creative thinkers.


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